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in newtown and remembering and praying for them and asking the lord bring healing and let them now we are with them in pray. >> the virginia tech community is showing respect and their helmets will have stickers honoring the total number of victims from the sandy hook elementary school and the virginia tech. >>> the busill cuis the oldest nation catholic building and the history is part of what makes it is special place. >> it is one of the two most holiest days of year and we always come to mass on christmas or christmas eve. it is nice ceremony and it is nice with the choir. >> it has been able to remain open during the repairs prom the hurricane. sometimes it is easy to forget a a lot of people don't celebrate christmas. jewish people were full of the holiday spirits and people were busy making care packages that contain water bottles, but volunteers they that is not what the people appreciated the most. >> you can see see wanted to be part of the holiday spirit and someone to wish her a happy holiday. >> 1500 care packages were made and delivered to local shelters and soup kitchen
of a real life lord and one time actor, julian fellows. >> i don't have the indifference to audience that you do sometimes find among the british. you know, where if you say something is popular, it's an insult. >> reporter: five million viewers tuned in to each episode on pbs, the public tv station. 27 emmy nominations and seven statues over the last two years. unheard of. >> this is really a david and goliath story. >> reporter: as downton fanatics, they are just eating it up. it is now so imbedded in american popular culture, it's spawning parodies. yahoo! brought us downton arby's. >> take my daughter's hand in marriage and it will be yours. >> i just want to grab some extra sauce. >> reporter: "snl" gave it the hyperventilating trailer treatment. >> there's a milf and a dad and they've got three daughters named hot, way hot, and the other one. and they all hang out with this old lady that looks like a chicken. >> reporter: actually, there you have a pretty good plot summary. but why is this show set 100 years ago in a world few of us can relate to so ridiculously popular? elizab
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2